Madoria's World

Gifts given to me from generous Simmers and Creators!

Stylish Livingroom set

14 July 2016 A really lovely midcentury Livingroom set !
Thank You soo much for making this for me Simsfan1!!!


There is soo many beautiful objects in this set !

Awesome Slidingdoors

Such lovely doors from Expressionexp !


I must apologize for the time it took me to get this lovely gift here at my site !
I am very sorry I missed your pm with this wonderful gift , Expression!!!

Bedazzled - Vivtastic

24 December 2013 Wow... I am speachless...


Thank You Viv!!!! I adore this dress!!!!

A wonderful Sideboard from Nyx!

24 December 2013 A lovely Christmas gift


Thank You Nyx , for this lovely , beautiful Sideboard !


Nyx has a wonderful site ! Go visit her !
Nyx Stuff

My Beloved Ebba Guinea Pig

Thanks so much Ron for this lovely tapestry of my Ebba!
Having this lovely memory of her is great!


Ripmagnum: A GuineaPig rug!

Rip certainly knows how much I love my Guineas !
I am honoured to get this gift !
I a sorry I am late sharing your lovely gift!


A lovely rug from Simbeule!

I am so sorry - I am so very late putting this lovely rug up here at the site!
... but I have been playing with it in my game at least!

Thank You so much Simbeule !

Gift from Simtonic!

1 July 2012

This is one special gift!
It is totally amazing !

Thanks soo much Martha for this lovely gift !


Visit Simtonics site:

Birthday gift from Hypnotiq!

21 June 2012

Another faboulus bday gift , this time from Hyp!
Love these 2 dresses!
Thanks sooo much Hyp!


Hypnotiq has her lovely site here:

Birthday Present 2012 from Ludi!

16 June 2012

Ludi is such a sweety! She has sent these lovely objects to me as a birthday present!

Thanks soo much for this present !


Ludi has her lovely site:

Gift from Olena! Gift from Ms Shabby!

11 June 2012

A lovely retro stove from Olena of Olenas Clutter Factory!



A wonderful Guinea Pig painting by Ms Shabby!

Cuitie pies!



Gift 6: Christmas gift from Viv! 2011

A fabulous Skin gift from Dearest Viv.

Totally Beautiful! And she knew I love RED!
Just LOOK at it ! Love it ... THANKS soo much Viv!

RAR file.

Visit Viv site:

Gift 5:

A fantastic Gift from Ess to celebrate Madoria's Worlds third Anniveriary 2007!

10 of June 2007 Grassy Kitchen set by Ess

Set contains:
2 counters , overcabinet, Firealarmovercabinet, stove. Fridge. Table and chair. wall.

I love getting pressies like this Smile as I feel so spoiled then!

If you haven't checked out ess Sims I suggest you do so, I like what she has done
for Sims 1 - especially the curtains and drapes...

Thank You !!!

Gift 4: Birthday gift 2006 from Ladybug


Gift 3: Ivy sets from Rebecca of SimMoms

13 July 2005: Ivy Kitchen and Livingroom !

These 2 sets are a gift from Rebecca of Sim Moms Forum !!!

The counter in the Kitchen set req. House Party but everything else is TS. Ep Free.
Counter, overhead cabinet, dinigtable, diningchair.
Wall and floor.
2 different seaters, livingchair, endtable, coffetable, bookcase , tablelamp and Painting.

Thank You , Rebecca for This Wonderful Gift !!!! :)


Gift 2: 2005 Birthday Presents from Ladybug and from AlexPilgrim

16 June 2005 Thank you Alex for this beautiful Painting ! :))))
It needs Living Large!


Alex Pilgrim now makes Sims 3 stuff!

16 June 2005: Birthday for Madoria...

I have been sooo spoiled today !:) Ladybug sent me a huge Birthday present and I wanna share it with you all !

There is a Kitchen, a laundry with a washer and Dryer and ironing board , Iron and a basket ! A bedroom, a bathroom , a livingroom and a Diningroom !!! Walls and floors and some build objects aswell.

Download All sets

Ladybug has a Yahoo group with Sims 2 stuff:
Pangolin Gifts

Gift 1: House form Lene / Junipur!

15 April 2005: Junipur Has made this Lovely House for me !
Thank You Sooo much Junipur for this Lovely House !

Everything in the house is either Maxis or Madoria´s Worlds Objects !
It is made for Lot 8 and with Double Deluxe HotDate, Vacation and Unleashed installed!

Front of the house:

Back of the house:

Download House