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Maxis matching the NuMica Counter from Base game

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NuMIca Breakfast patio set

26 May 2009

Breakfast Patio sideboard with hack from Secret Society of Woobsha
1 tile Patio table with hack also.
Deck chair , ep free.


Faketop in Numica style

This is just a a rug based fake top to place over dishwashers etc to create the look of the Numica counter top.
Will not tile in corners as it is not a counter itself .
Base by Turbo.


Numica Corner Cabinet/former Post count gift

4 Rotations but one is invisiable.
Ep Free.


C&C Bakersoven

22 November 2008 Requires MM to work
Bakersoven has some props files with it- place those in Gamedata Skins folder.


Kitchen set

23 September 2005:
2 different Overcabinets. Backless.
Stove, Firealarm Cabinet ( Glassdoors),
Dishwasher, Trashcan, Sink
Dining table , Dining chair.
Swag Curtain ,Cafe curtain set,

All of them should be Ep free!


Curtains is based on Pollymogs bases. Table & Hang lamp is based on Lost Sims Ep free 2 tile table.

Apartment Hacked Objects

20 June 2009 Apartment Hacked Kitchen objects

Counter with drawers,
Stove, dishwasher and trashcan.

Chair and 2 tiled table.


Magic Sims
C & C Enterprises